MISHUS – General information

Interfaculty Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences.(MISHUS) offers interdisciplinary study programmes to students who want to go beyond the standard programmes in the humanities and social sciences. The studies are addressed to independent, creative and responsible people interested in the this kind of study. Students do not follow any standard programme of studies but they negotiate customized curricula with tutors of their own choice. Throughout the first two years of studies, students are granted a lot of freedom in choosing courses that are run within the six fields of studies: philosophy, theology, history, law, pedagogy and social studies and family studies. During tutorials, which serve the co-ordination of the learning process, students may approach their tutors for feedback, advice, and exchange of ideas. The most talented students may apply for temporary scholarships at foreign universities. Third year students are expected to choose their major and pass all the exams that are obligatory in their chosen field of study. After defending their Master’s thesis, students are granted a degree of a Master in the chosen field. Ambitious and talented students willing to defend a Master’s thesis in another field are free to do so.

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